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Back December 01, 2013 AT 5:00 PM

water shootIf a water park is of interest, then Aqualandia in Benidorm Spain is ideal for you If visiting a water park whilst on holiday is something that appeals to you, then Aqualandia in Benidorm Spain is going to be the ideal location for you to spend a few hours of your time splashing around and having some amazing fun. It really is a place that is perfect for the family, but what is actually available at the park?

The quick reply to that question is that there are various slides of different sizes, shapes, speeds, and everything else spread all over the area of the park. Some are not for the faint-hearted, but you will tend to find the children flying down them whilst the adults are sometimes a bit more nervous about doing so.

If there are several of you, then it is best to check out the smooth slides as they consist of five parallel sides that you can use to race one another to the bottom. The slides are very long and if you love the thrill of this then the attraction called Splash is another one that you really should not miss out. Situated beside Splash is an attraction simply known as Big Bang and this is certainly one that you are perhaps best to avoid if you have a certain fear or heights or falling at speed. Basically you can experience the sensation of freefall with these chutes simply throwing you out and down into the water at speeds that you will not have experienced before in a water park. Nerves of steel are really required here.


sp[lashWhilst those slides are straight down there are several to go on if you love flying around corners with the mini zig-zag and another zig-zag slide being extremely popular. From the outside you will wonder where they go and how you get to the bottom, but they will result in you having an amazing ride before suddenly appearing at the bottom and making a huge splash.

Keeping with the theme of speed and getting the pulse racing you will want to check out the rapids complete with the rubber tyre and this is something that always proves to be extremely popular. You will find this next to the smooth slides and it will offer you an adrenaline filled 30 minutes.

However, do not think that the park is all about adrenaline as this is not the case as they do have various areas where it is much more relaxed and all about just enjoying the water. One such area is in the Grand Jacuzzi or Niagara where you can either dive into the water or go exploring the water in their cave system, which is hidden by waterfalls at your leisure. If you just want a simple swim, then there is a huge pool situated in the very heart of the park where you can swim until your heart is content whilst the kids play in all of the other attractions.


underwaterIf you have younger children and are wary about them going on the other attractions, then Adventureland is the place to take them. Here, they will be able to go on their own slides and swim in a shallower pool and they will be supervised at all times making it extremely safe. It does also have other activities such as a maze to explore and pools full of balls giving them lots to do and they can happily spend hours there.

With all of this swimming and fun clearly you and your family will work up an appetite, but there are more than enough restaurants selling things from pizza to ice cream and a whole host of other things to keep everybody happy. There is also the customary gift shop where you can buy those little things that act as a memory of your time spent at Aqualandia in Benidorm.

You can, therefore, see that if you are staying in the area and want to visit a water park, then Aqualandia in Benidorm Spain really has to be one that you check out. It will be extremely easy to spend hours checking it all out and you will certainly burn off a lot of energy going on the various attractions, but the only question is are you brave enough to go on the bigger and scarier rides or will you sit quietly in the pool instead?


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