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Fiestas of Moraira

Back February 26, 2013 AT 3:06 PM

moorsMoraira is a wonderful small coastal Spanish town that is part of Teuleda municipality which is 80 kilometres north of Alicate and 100 kilometres south of Velancia. This small fishing town has become one of the greatest attractions on the highly developed Costa Blanca with its 8 kilometres of coastal strip. The town is also backed by beautiful mountains and wonderful vineyards. Tourists are delighted by its rich cultural heritage which has been preserved over the years. Moraira wonderful coastal beaches and the beauty and kindness of the locals are also wonderful tourist attractions. Moraira also has nice local wine, the "Misetela wine' from the many wonderful restaurants along the coastal strip which tourists are always delighted to sample.


statuesFiestas of Moraira

Holiday makers wishing to enjoy the Spanish fiestas (translated to mean parties), are treated to an awesome experience full of numerous tourist attractions i.e. unique cultures e.t.c most of them having historical and religious connotations. These fiestas enjoy overwhelming support from the town halls which partly finance them, other financers being the fiesta committee themselves. Holiday makers are treated to overwhelming fun and enjoyment as they sample several fiestas. The following are some of the fiestas and their calendar dates that tourists can sample;


moraira fiestaThe Moraira village fiesta

The fiesta is held on the 15th and 16 of July every year. This fiesta is in honor of La Virgen de los Desamparados , (The Virgin of the Helpless), and that of La Virgen Carmen (Patron of the Fishermen). The events include colourful street processions, participants dawning colourful traditional costumes with brass bands, wonderful games and great competitions, open air music and dance and bull-running. This is a party done though out the night until the early hours of the morning. This event is awesome it is just the event to watch and participate in as a tourist

town fiestaThe Teulsda Town Fiesta 

This event is done during the Easter week. This is in honour of the town patron and a local saint Vicente Ferrer. This event is held every year in April with colourful overnight prolonged parties similar to that of Moraira Village fiesta.


La Font Santa (Holy Fountain) Fiesta 

This is a fiesta held in July in honour of a saint Vicente Ferrer. Tourists can be treated to a long heritage of a story about Saint Vicente Ferrer hitting a rock with its stick. The stone is still present to this day, together with a fountain and a tiny chapel. Tourists are attracted to see this great heritage as they listen to the rich culture of the locals.

grape vineLa Fiesta de Moscatell

This fiesta is held at the end of August. This festival is denoted by thanksgiving for harvest. This is in honour of the type of grape which is harvested in August for making a local wine 'Misetela wine". The fiesta involves the same public procession, a lot of music and plenty of Misetela wine. Tourists are treated to the great and rich cultural activities. They also get a taste of the wonderful local misetela wine.

moorsThe Moor and Christian Fiesta

This, being among the most popular fiesta in Moraira, is celebrated on the 3rd weekend of June every year. A lot of towns in Moraira have Moor and Christian's fiesta from Valencia by the local Christians. The participants arrange themselves in groups called Filas. This Filas design and produce their own beautiful and varied consumes. It is exciting because it depicts the rich culture of the locals.

This is an attraction that is a must watch by any tourist visiting Moraira. The game continues with the Christians staging an attack and a retake of their castle with even more pomp and noise. These a wonderful exiting experiences that make Moraira a wonderful tourist destination site in the month of June. Better still, the fiestas continue for the whole week continuously, including both the weekends, making the town a beehive of activities with endless street processions, great cultural games, all night dance and discos and bull running throughout the street.

The fiestas of Moraira leave many tourists and visitors with an experience that they can't forget easily. Basically, there are fiestas to be enjoyed virtual all the year round which makes the area an attractive destination throughout the year.

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