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La Albufera, Valencia

Back February 26, 2013 AT 1:09 PM

birdThings to see and do when visiting La Albufera, Valencia
Located near Valencia in Spain is La Albufera, which is a large lagoon and nature reserve and is a place that is certainly worth visiting should you be in the area. There are a whole host of things to do and you will find that time will fly past as you explore everything it has to offer. So keeping that in mind, just what can you do around a massive lagoon?

Prior to discussing what you can do in the area it is worth pointing out that you should consider going there for sunset especially if you have no children around. You will be able to experience some amazing views as you watch the sun go down and of course there is also the peace and quiet that surrounds La Albufera so you can enjoy it without the chaos of Valencia.


albuferaThe lagoon itself is seen as being an absolute paradise for a wide range of migratory birds so if you do have a love of seeing them, then you will be mad to miss checking it out as this is the main reason why people go to the lagoon. There is little doubt you will set eyes on species that are entirely new to you so have your camera at the ready as you never know what may be landing when you are there so do look at picking up leaflets so you can identify what you see before you.

One thing you should certainly look at doing is going on a boat trip and this is relatively inexpensive to do and will certainly use up a few hours of your time. The lagoon itself is often quite calm so even if you are susceptible to being sea sick you should be able to get away with going on this trip without running into too many problems. Tickets can be bought on the day and they are quite regular so there should be a trip happening whenever you arrive. Boats can also be hired from several different locations so you can then cruise around at your leisure.



albu-birdWhilst getting around by boat is one option there are also a number of well established paths that can take you relatively close to where birds tend to gather. These paths are ideal for the entire family with there being nothing strenuous about them, but do be aware that there are reports of blinds being used to shield the birds at various times so there is a chance that your review could be restricted. Apart from walking there is also the option of cycling around and it is quite easy to hire bicycles in the area so you can explore at your leisure. If you have children with you, then this is going to be the best way to get them to explore the area as the chances are they will just be bored at the prospect of seeing birds.

When you want to get a break away from the lagoon there are several beaches situated right beside it for you to check out. They are clean and ideal for families and of course you can explore the water, which is something that is certainly not recommended within La Albufera itself.



As with any place that you visit you must always know about where you can get something to eat and there are several small restaurants that are dotted around the lagoon that offer you the chance to look out at nature whilst eating some paella. They do tend to be quite quiet, which is mainly due to people preferring just to eat in Valencia itself, but if you want to eat in a relaxed atmosphere, then at least there are options available. Prices are extremely reasonable and if you tie it in with sunset, then you really do have the most perfect setting.

So if you love nature and birds, then La Albufera near Valencia is a place that you will need to check out should you be staying in the area. You will find it is extremely easy to get there and the place is ideal for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes and with a decision to make as to whether you prefer the forests or the beaches there will be something there for everybody to love.



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