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Terra Natura

Back August 20, 2013 AT 8:29 PM

naturaTerra Natura, which is situated in Benidorm is a wildlife park like no other that you will have ever been to before. They are really pioneering the concept of zooimmersion whereby you can really interact with the animals rather than merely looking at them from behind a screen. That being said there are a number of things that you can do whilst spending time at the attraction and will see that there is more than enough to keep you and your family occupied for a number of hours.

What you will find when you enter the park is that it is split up into four distinct sections with these being the entrance itself, Pangea, America and Asia and spread across these four sections are some 1500 animals that cover over 200 individual species. You will also see that the park has over 2500 plants and trees from the various regions and when you add in all of the educational facilities, activities, animal shows, and entertainment it is immediately clear that visiting here will be a lot of fun.
The main things to do in the park are linked to education and watching various shows and displays that take place in the various areas. One of the best is the birds of prey exhibition where you can check out hawks, falcons, and owls and learn all about how amazing their eyesight really is and the speeds they can reach when hunting. If you then want to experience what it is like for them, then you can go on the Bird of Prey Challenge, which is a zip wire that takes you over elephant area for 400m and at speeds of up to 50km an hour whilst offering amazing views of the entire park.

zooTalking of elephants you will undoubtedly love watching their own show where you can see them being fed and then exhibiting their strength, intelligence and dexterity, which is amazing when you consider the size and sheer weight of these animals. Feeding does play a major role as the entire park allows you to see these wild animals feeding on their prey just as they would do in their natural habitat and it really is an ideal way to see how they do react rather than the more sedate way in which we often see them in a zoo.
Danger is something that is indeed associated with a number of different animals and one thing people are often scared of is venom, but at Terra Natura they do have a section that is dedicated to educating people about this very subject. By visiting the venom area, which is in the Pangea section, you can see how antidotes are made from snake venom and learn about various plants that contain poison even though they may look nice enough. You will certainly come away from this section with a lot more knowledge about the potential dangers of different animals.

natura-monkeyHowever, on the flip side are areas that are all about how nice animals are and for the younger children there is nothing better than taking them on a donkey ride although do note that this tends to only be on the weekend. If you are there during the week you can still get close to a number of animals and talk directly to those people that look after them and there is a chance of you potentially touching and interacting with a number of them at any given time.
Finally, there are a number of restaurants and shops that stock a range of souvenirs to remind you of your time at Terra Natura. One of the good things is that they do also stock sun hats and sun cream so your child can be protected from the sun as they explore the entire site. It is also worth pointing out that the park is entirely accessible for people with mobility problems and wheelchairs are welcomed.

So if you and your family love the idea of getting up and personal with a range of animals, then a trip to Terra Natura really should be on your agenda. Everybody will enjoy the various shows and being able to interact with the animals and it really is an ideal way to spend the day if you are visiting the Benidorm area.



For prices and directions please visit Terra Naturas website

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