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Montgo Natural Park

Back February 26, 2013 AT 1:10 PM

montogIf you love nature, then a trip to Montgo Natural Park in Javea Spain is certainly something that you will want to go and see and will be glad you did so. This particular park is an ideal way to spend an entire afternoon, but do be aware that in order to really see what it has to offer you will need to be reasonably fit although there are options for those people that are perhaps less active.

The park itself is characterised by a large mass of limestone that dominates the skyline between the cities of Javea and Denia with the Montgo mountain peaking at a height of 753 metres. This climb is easier if you tackle it from the back end, which means away from the beach, and it can still be walked in trainers unless it has been raining lately. If you love walking and want to experience something a bit different from your normal hiking area, then the Montgo Natural Park is going to be an excellent way to spend a day. The park is also helped by the fact it is so close to the beach so you do not have to go too far out of your way to get to it.


montgo-seaThe main activity within the park is, therefore, walking and there are a whole host of trails taking you all over the 2,150 hectares and there are trails that are suitable for people of all kinds of levels. This does mean that there are some that are more for the hardened walker whilst others are perfect for families and they will allow you to explore the various species of flora and fauna that are scattered around the entire park. If there is an explorer hidden inside you, then you may enjoy checking out various caves that are scattered across the area, but all of the time you will be getting amazing views and on a good day you can even spot Ibiza.


The trails that have been established are also ideal for cyclists and it can certainly be an enjoyable way to spend the day if you can hire a bicycle and explore the area. This is something that will be better for people with children as riding their bike is more attractive an idea than walking along and you will of course see more of the park. Hiring a bicycle is relatively inexpensive for the day or even just an afternoon, but do remember and have some water with you for when you work up a sweat.


montgo-viewAside from walking the main attraction is discovering the various species of birds that call the Montgo Natural Park home and the park itself is covered in all kinds of birds and wildlife of various shapes and sizes. Information leaflets from the local Tourist Information Office can offer you some more advice on what to look out for. As was briefly mentioned earlier the flora in the park is also spectacular so if you are a plant lover you will have a fantastic time spotting plants that you may very well have never seen anywhere else before.


As you walk around the park you will notice that there are a number of spots that are ideal for having a picnic due to you being surrounded by some amazing scenery, but also peace and quiet. One problem with all of this walking is that children will often see it as being boring and no fun at all; however, the park does have a fantastic play area that is extremely safe for children and if you can combine it with the picnic idea mentioned above, then it does mean you can have a rather nice relaxing afternoon while your children tire themselves out playing. If having a picnic is not your thing there is still a restaurant with a good menu to check out.


So if you enjoy exploring the outdoors and you are on vacation near the area then the Montgo Natural Park is certainly something you should look at checking out. A trip here will take you away from the hustle and noise of the main tourist areas allowing you to just take in the scenery as nature intended and without being hit by those things set up for tourists.



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