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It is no surprise that the Costa Blanca with its laid back lifestyle, stunning beaches, aqua marine seas and gorgeous architecture attracts so many people to invest in property here. If you are a homeowner in the Costa Blanca and looking to rent it out to holiday makers, Solivillas can help.
If you own a villa or apartment in the Javea or Moraira area and would appreciate some extra income, why not think about the many benefits of renting when you’re not in residence? Or perhaps you already have, but simply don’t want the administrative hassle. As a property owner, you can make your villa or apartment work for you by registering with Soli Villas and letting us promote your property for holiday rentals. We do the work, you reap the benefits.
We know that owning a second home can be expensive. Renting your property for let while you’re absent is one way that many people just like you are helping to finance their Spanish getaway. So instead of worrying about how much your villa or apartment is costing you, why not instead be happy with how much it’s making you?
Be it a villa, apartment, casa or finca our bright and dedicated team will make sure you get the best exposure and the top deals for your property.
Below we have listed some frequently asked questions to help you decide if renting out your property could work for you.


How much could I earn?

You will receive over 75% of any rental income we gain for your property. Typically a 4 bedroom villa can generate 20K in the summer season. That’s income that’s earned hassle-free, as we’ll deal with the administrative side of things. We understand that you might have questions – and we’d be delighted to help in any way we can. We offer a personal and friendly service to those who holiday in our properties, and we promise the same for you.


What sort of properties are we looking To add to our portfolio?

We are currently on the lookout for high quality properties villas and apartments in the Javea and Moraira areas to add to our portfolio, and would very much like to speak to you if you think that your property fits the bill. If you are interested in long term rental, holiday rental or even sale, please do get in contact with us. We have a fantastic range of villas and apartments on our books at present, but are always keen to increase our portfolio – if you have a property that’s special, that you love, and that you think others would pay well to stay in, do get in contact. We can help you unlock the potential income in your property.
You can contact us by  Email at liz@solivillas.com

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How To Let Your Property

Many people find that their dream property in Spain can cost them a lot more than they initially bargained for. They believe that after paying the asking price and the notary fees and the taxes that that’s it. But owning a property in Spain accrues other costs.

There may be community charges to pay. Every property owner, whether they live here or not, has to pay local taxes – rubbish collection and rates. Then there is a non-residence income tax levied against the property and the accompanying fees charged by your abogado or asesor fiscal for calculating it every year. On top of that there are the general costs of owning a property - water and electricity, pool, garden and general maintenance. This can seem expensive if the property is vacant for a large portion of the year.

The advantages of letting your property obvious in terms of a return on investment, but renting your property can seem daunting. Many owners are simply do not like the idea of strangers being in their house.

To let your property you must take a step back and view the arrangement in a rational manner. Owners can have legitimate worries about who is in their property and what they are doing but most people simply want to come out to relax and have a good time. If you and your family enjoy your holidays in your property why can’t paying clients? If you and your family respect and care for your property then why won’t paying clients do the same?

Thousands of owners throughout the Costa Blanca enjoy the benefits that holiday letting provides. It is the best of both worlds as they can still enjoy their dream home in the sun while simultaneously generating income to offset the running costs. With our excellent marketing and sales representatives ensuring your property is shown in its best light you can be sure that renting out your property will be easy and lucrative.

Holiday letting is a competitive business. Over the last few years the number of properties coming onto the market has grown year on year. The market has not only grown in size but has also developed in its sophistication as holiday makers have become more discerning. To be successful in today’s market an owner must work harder to ensure that their property appeals to as many perspective clients as possible.

It does not matter what size your property is – a one bedroom apartment or a five bedroom villa – because clients come in different sizes, from a couple to an extended family. It does not matter where your property is located – on the beach, in the town or amongst the orange groves – because different clients want different things. However what does matter that your property has the basic essentials that all clients want. So what have you got, and what condition is it in?

Is the property adequately furnished and equipped for the rental group? Do things need repaired or replaced? Do the walls need a lick of paint? Are there things that clients want and might expect but you haven’t thought of? These are questions that can be difficult to answer objectively but they are fundamental to successful holiday lettings.

Solimar Villas is here to help you make your property perfect for rentals. We will ask the right questions, make an objective assessment and give recommendations that will improve the appeal of your property in this competitive market place.


Before making your property stand out in the holiday lettings’ market place let’s ensure that it stays standing up!

It is essential that your holiday home has buildings and contents’ insurance, even if your property is in a community. Some owners are under the impression that they do not need individual home insurance because they have community insurance. However, community insurance only covers communal areas, such as gardens and pools, and not individual properties.

Your existing policy probably does not cover commercial holiday lettings. As well as buildings and contents’ insurance you will also need public liability insurance giving you protection in the event of any legal issues associated with holiday lettings.

Your existing home insurance company may offer a policy that covers holiday lettings but it is best to shop around to get the best value and the best cover. Some insurance companies offer a policy whereby you can insure for holiday lettings for set period i.e. June to September. However, you may find it cheaper and less hassle to arrange holiday lettings cover for the whole year.

Buildings and contents’ insurance should be as comprehensive as the one for your primary residence. It should cover the cost of rebuilding your property and cover your belongings. Check that outdoor furniture is covered as well as accidental damage by your guests. Look for a policy that covers theft by non-forcible entry to cover you if any windows are left open and check how long you can leave your property unoccupied without invalidating the cover.

Public liability insurance covers you against any claims a guest makes if they injure themselves while staying at your property. An indemnity of £3m is recommended and you should ensure that the policy covers your swimming pool and any accidents involving the pool. Remember to inform your guests that it is their responsibility to organise their travel insurance and medical cover.

A straightforward arrangement to have your property checked on a regular basis by a reliable property management agency can save you loads of money and heartache and you can trust the agent to fix the problem with the minimum of fuss.

How To Get The Most From Renting Out Your Holiday Home

What makes one holiday home more successful at attracting bookings than another one? What factors separate success from failure and, more importantly, can you as an owner influence them? At Solivillas we can hopefully demonstrate that success in the holiday property market is not the lottery that it might seem to be at the outset.

When talking about property, whether selling or renting its all about one thing. Yes you guessedit – location, location, location!

Holiday properties come in all shapes and sizes and are situated in various locations throughout the Costa Blanca. Some are beside the beach and some are in the hills. Some are in town centres and some stand alone in the countryside. All are catering for the diverse needs of the modern holiday maker but there are properties situated in the same location that attract more clients than others. To be successful you need to know why.

These properties are not all luxury detached villas with a swimming pool. You must remember that a two bedroom apartment cannot compete with a four bedroom luxury villa but then again it does not have to. Each property competes with similar properties in its location and specific market. However, the successful apartment shares similar qualities with the successful villa that an owner can highlight and influence.

When a holiday maker is looking for a property on the internet their initial choices are dictated by destination and location – a country, a region, a town etc. Then the holiday maker chooses the type of property that will suit their needs best – a villa or an apartment for example. Only now will a property owner have a chance to influence the holiday maker’s decision. Invariably, they will only have seconds to influence that decision as the holiday maker scrolls through scores and scores of property photos each trying to persuade them that it is the one.

A photograph is worth a thousand words.

Nowadays the internet is by far the most effective medium when it comes to selling or letting your property in Spain. It has many advantages over the more traditional methods of property advertising such as newspapers, magazines and the shop window. One of these advantages is the ease with which the internet allows you to promote your property to thousands of people throughout the world. However, if it is easy and straightforward for you to advertise your property ion the internet then it stands to reason that it must be as easy for everyone else.

Digital photography forms the basis for selling or letting property on the internet. Your photographs of the property are what the holiday maker sees first and if they do not stop to look you are not going to make a sale or take a let. Having high quality professional photographs showing your home at its best is paramount to renting out your property successfully time and time again.

What is in the photograph is as important as the quality of the shot. Always remember that you are selling a holiday and not your property in the sun. The best way to make a perspective client stop and look at your property is to have a photograph that stands out from the rest. There are hundreds of photographs of houses on holiday letting web pages, most looking the same, so make yours stand out by having a photograph of something else that sells your property, something that sells the dream.

Making you property more homely is another financially smart idea. It should be a home from home so make it like one. Hang some pictures on the walls. You should also consider other accessories such as lamps, bowls and some ornaments. Do remember however things can and will get broken during the season so don’t buy something that, if damaged, will break your heart.

Some other things to consider are a television set, DVD and music players. Are you aware that Spanish digital freeview TV channels (TDT) can show UK TV shows and films in English at the push of a button? Do not forget to have a range of DVDs and CDs in the property for you guests to use if they wish.

If you want to attract families invest in a travel cot and high chair. A library of paperbacks and a collection of board games all the family can play will also be appreciated by your guests. If your property is close to the beach why not supply a parasol and a cool box?

It’s the little things that make all the difference so if you want your property to stand out from the crowd, think of the things that you would like to have the use of on a family holiday and put them into your property.

Lastly and possibly most importantly you need to price your property. Do some research, have a look at what similar properties are going for and think about how much you would realistically like to earn. The team at Solimar Villas have a great understanding of the marketplace and will be able to advise you on a suitable price range for your property if you’d like some advice.

Pre Season Checks

Many properties are left ’alone’ during the quiet winter months and this is the perfect time to check that your property is up to scratch. An objective assessment of your property, both inside and out, is essential if your holiday letting season is going to be successful. It could cost a lot more than just goodwill if something breaks or goes wrong during your client’s holiday that could have been put right or foreseen months before.

The pre-season check of your property should be extensive and comprehensive. Do not take anything for granted, the devil is in the detail and something that is overlooked now cause problems and unwanted hassle later. For instance, if your property has a septic tank you need to know when was it last mechanically emptied. A septic tank that becomes constipated will cause serious problems. Not only do you have to consider the financial loss as you compensate your clients for the inconvenience and annoyance, but also the loss of goodwill which could affect the potential to attract future lets.

Check the exterior fabric of your property, refreshing the paintwork and identifying any necessary repairs. The garden and the pool - if you have one - should not be ignored. Do not check just their physical appearance but also what provisions are in place to look after them during the holiday season.
The interior of the property is just as important. Electrical equipment should be checked and replaced where necessary. An inventory count is an excellent idea as it will highlight what things need repairing or replacing and you should not forget to check the condition of the linen and towels.
Are your Bills Paid?

Another area that can easily fall beneath the radar when preparing a property for holiday letting is the procedure put in place to pay bills and local taxes. You should, as a matter of course, regularly check that there are sufficient funds to cover direct debit payments especially for utilities and local taxes.