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September 02, 2013 AT 11:41 AM

The Bioparc in Valencia is a unique day out which all the family can enjoy. Bioparc can be found near the City of Arts and Sciences, located at the Parque de Cabecera s. It is not as well publicised as some of the other tourist attractions on offer, but is still well worth a visit.

bioparc-valenciaThe park itself is like a cross between a Zoo and a safari park, spanning some 25 acres, and is home to over 4,000 animals. The experience is like no other. Unlike many zoos Bio Park allows the animals to roam free and recreates the environments in which you would expect to see these animals when in the wild.
On your visit you will encounter a beautiful savannah which is home to giraffes, rhinoceros and antelopes. You will get the chance to walk amongst buffaloes and leopards, follow trails deep into a dense jungle- like forest where gorillas roam, and watch herds of elephants march through the breath-taking landscape packed with plants and vegetation that encourages total acclimatization of the animals with their habitats.

Bioparc is one of the most modern generations of zoos where the usual interaction between the zoo kept animals, stuck behind cages and glass, and the visitors that observe them is turned on its head. The attention to the animals, their environments, and the sense of freedom and space you will encounter here makes it seem as though you are observing these animals completely in their natural environment, which is as it should be.

bioparcThis way of doing things is known as Zoo-immersion. This is based on a philosophy that strives to immerse the visitor in an ‘as true to life as possible’ experience of the natural environment that animals live in. It encourages the visitors to be curious and inquisitive, to discover the rich complexity of these environments and ecosystems that support them. The park was originally created with the aim that visitors should feel inspired, educated, and engaged with the issues surrounding animal preservation and understand the need to safeguard and protect animals and the environments in which they live.

It is not only the way that you can interact with the wildlife that is unique here. Bioparc also offers a range of diverse fun and educational activities that are scheduled at regular intervals each day. Why not attend one of the fascinating and educational bird and mammal exhibitions, or watch a film about the zoo's animals and their history? Or you can come to one of the many storytelling sessions that are held throughout the day.

The park takes its protection of the natural environment and the preservation of ecosystems very seriously and also takes part in captive breeding programmes for many species that are at risk of becoming extinct. Some of the animals in the breeding programm come from Valencia Zoo, whereas others have been given by other zoos in Spain. Other animals in the Bioparc however come from as far away as the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Germany or the Czech Republic.

zoo in valenciaOf course touching and feeding the animals is not permitted but it is still an amazing experience to get so close to them. For example one of the first zones you will come across is called the Madagascar Zone. This is home to the monkeys, and you can sit and watch as mischievous lemurs nonchalantly walk towards you and then sit on the slopes just inches away from you.
In terms of food and drink the Bioparc offers a cafe serving light snacks and drinks, and a main restaurant serving more substantial hot food. The food is fine and the service friendly, however this is all by the by as eating at the Bioparc is one of the most unique and wonderful experiences you could hope for. As you dine you are able to watch giraffes walking past. Or if they aren’t your cup of tea then at the other side of the restaurant you can observe the Elephants that happily wander around, barely noticing that you are there.

Bioparc is open from Monday to Friday from 10.00am to 6.00pm or 9.00pm depending on the time of year. To get there head to the western side of Valencia. The nearest Metro station is Nou d'Octoubre. If you do take the Metro, on arrival turn left and walk for 20-25 minutes to get to the Bioparc which is across a bridge. If you choose to drive there is free parking for 8,000 cars. The entry fee is 20 euros, but if you have a tourist card you get a 10% discount. We would recommend that you leave at least 4 hours to fully appreciate what this wonderful zoo has to offer.


Bioparc is situated on the western side of the city of Valencia. It is an experience quite unique to any other. Unlike a normal zoo Bioparc was created with the intention that visitors should feel as though they are immersed in the environment of the animals that live there, using a technique known as ‘zoo immersion.’ At the park you can walk with giraffes, rhinoceros and leopards, you can sit with monkeys and dine with elephants. It is an incredible, educational and inspiring experience which you and your whole family will enjoy, and we highly recommend including it as a must- see destination as part of your visit.

To veiw the website of the Bio Parc to see the opening time and prices please just click here

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